Sunday, 10 April 2011

people might talk to much about it..and they are unstoppable

sungguh ape yang terjadi itu sudah tersurat tapi mcm mane ia terjadi itu adalah asbab..
semua sudah tertulis..
everything has been fated..juz accept it..never regret the past but try try to fix it and make some change. change for better isn't crime yet it is for good..but to maintain it.. it cost pain and blood..

yeah that is wut has be writen for me..
what to do now is make some change..
people change with time, with situation.
fixed ur mistake and neva repeat it again.
if and only if u dont to fell regret for one more time.
stay at home for about two month n do some revision for the nex sesion..
new episode and new spirit perhaps..
two month..quite long huh?

be strong..
what people want to say..
let it be..
who are you today doesn't determine who u are tomorrow.
work hard for ur future and pray to Him..

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