Saturday, 16 July 2011

now i wonder why:)

first of all..sorry because it seems to be so long that i didn't post right..
it is because of i'm busy with my study.well i'm doing foundation in electrical power currently.
recently i was in UM doing my foundation study in physical science. but sadly to say that i'm taking myself out at the really end.. i still cant believe on what had happen to me in the past when get think about it..
by the way, regrets still a useless and won't change anything..
yesterday. yesterday was history. it could be sweet, bitter, or juz not fit with what we had set for..
but, we still have tomorrow. tomorrow to be decide, to be paint. it is mystery and we have to find out what is it.
 mumbling to much is not, lets move to the main topic.
when i was in UM, during lecture my lecturer seldom scold us.
when we talk, make noise, disturb others, came late, sleeping at the back..
it was because, they know how hard had it been for them to be like they are today..
to get into their condition right now is not kind easy..
it might cost tears, energy, effort, time and many more..
it might be years for that..
thats why they do so..
they know how hard it is..
when it is about really at the end of pasum..if i'm not mistaken dr asmah said this "kalau awk x lulus t, jgn sedih, its not the end of the world,blaja la lg..dont give it up, sy dulu pun pasum tp 2 tahun, sy gagal, saya masuk uitm buat diploma tp lpas 1 tahun skunk sy da jd dr.. xde bnde yg senang. berusahalah"
then i knew why.. tanx dr:)

anyway, credits to dr fakhrul for his advice. i wonder if u read this dr..
i know why you like to say that to your students. keep on repeating the same things so many times..
it is all because you know hard when it comes to that kind of situation right?

thats all what i feel i want to spill out right now. thank you very much

others will be updated soon..keep on following.