Wednesday, 7 September 2011

the early bird

hello readers
peace be upon you
and very pleasant morning to those who staying in the GMT +8
bcoz it is really early in the morning..
when people enjoy their dream..i'm here doing nothing and updating..
it is bexause because i want to feed ur day with some reading
ok, it is my post in english
so, if u found it is quite bad english, broken or whateva it is..forgive me..i'm lack of vocab!!
it is trial bcos the elder saying that 1000 steps begin with the first step.. i'm with the first side step..
so, for the time being i'll try to post as many as i can in english..but ib the same time i'm not goin to forget about malay language.. it is just because i want to improve mt english since it is linguA franca nowaday..
so, thanks for read..
wait for the next update..

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